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Class Schedule Fall 2023
September 5-December 14 

Acro/Tumble Classes

Acro class

Tumble Bugs

(2-4 yrs)

Tumble Bugs is the perfect introduction for young children to learn balance, stretching, coordinated movement and early childhood tumbling techniques in fun and safe envoirnment. 

Kangaroo Kartwheelers

(5-8 yrs)

Kangaroo Kartwheelers is a customized class for students with varying ability levels. Students focus on cartwheels, balance, bar strength, and is based on the skills best suited for each child.

CKC Gym Cats  

(8-14 yrs)

Gym Cats is a customized class for students who have progressed past the previous class criteria, and/or have prior tumbling experience. The instructors use both group work and one on one instruction based on the skills best suited for your child.


Music Play Class with Dancely

Dance Class

Dancely is our brand new program dedicated to our favorite little ones, aged 3-7 years old, to get them moving, shaking, and most importantly, having fun!

But Dancely is not just any old preschool program.

Dancely features...

Original Music That Little Ones Love!

Dancely features original music from the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix and Marvel -- Powerhouses among preschoolers in their own right!

We've included songs for all styles that kids love dancing to and parents love listening to. And every few months, we’ll introduce even MORE new original music.

DSOA - Dancely Instagram Squares-17.jpg

Show Choir 

Spotlights ages (5-10 years)

Show Choir is a performance-based class, where students learn to prepare and perform popular music. Students learn to add choreography to songs, with text interpretation, facial and body expression, and many performance skills. Kids perform throughout the community each semester in fun costumes with the other classes.

show choir
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